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What is Advertising Agency ?

Have you ever wondered how many ads you see on a daily basis?Tens?Hundreds?If folks from Yankelovich, Inc. are right, the number is 5000 ads per day. Obviously that’s a huge number and all of them originate from the so-called “creative hubs” known as Advertising Agencies.

Advertising Agencies are the creative houses that sit and make ads that trigger the audience’s attention and later influence their purchase decisions. They create the ads, decides how, when, and where it should be delivered. They are mostly independent agencies and create ads for their clients.

Looking back to the evolution of Advertising Agencies in Kerala, it has got a decade long history. Back in the 1890s, the advertisements were mainly in the form of Government notifications. There was no particular ad agency behind these, but these were informed to the people through the beating of the drums. As we see in every 90s classic movies, people were notified through drums, just like the King’s proclamations. Later in the 1900s newspapers took the role of advertising agencies in Kerala. They published descriptive write-ups about the products like Ayurvedic medicines, Fountain pen, Nickel watches, Chitty companies, and Rubber companies.

1948-1950 saw the emergence of magazines like ‘vanitha’, ‘naradan’ with advertisements of stationery shops, health tonics to gems, and jewels. It was during the 1980s art of advertisement took another look through radio and television. Since the standard of living of people has improved, producers were forced to invent new ideas to advertise their products. Hence they used newspapers, radio, and television. During this period many advertising agencies in Kerala were satisfied with the cine ads and retail ads.’Sravya’, a professional advertising agency in Kerala bagged several awards to its credit. This advertising agency got 75 the ‘Rapa Award’ in 1985 for its advertisement prepared for the HANTEX . In 1986 and in1987 it also got the awards for the radio advertisements prepared for the Malayala Manorama daily and for FACT for boosting the sale of their product, 76 namely, Factumphose.

In 1993, few national Advertising Agencies had opened their branches in the state. The opening up of large advertising agencies in Kerala has led to an increase in the number of attractive advertisements with international standards. Thus from the date, advertising agencies in Kerala have taken the turn and still growing.

Creative Monkeys is one of the best advertising agencies in Kerala with expertise in various areas of marketing. We value the client’s needs and ensure our ads are not merely one out of the numerous amount of ads an average person comes across on a daily basis. We are situated at the heart of Calicut city and has associations with a few popular brands. We are unique and are a highly cost-effective advertising agency in Kerala, Calicut. The fact that differentiates us from

other advertising agencies in Kerala is that we combine the personal appeal of a smaller agency with expertise and experience of a larger one. We always try to satisfy our clients with uniques ideas and strategies.

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   Table of Contents

1.What is Advertising Agency?

2.Types of advertising agencies

3.The benefit of an advertising agency

4.Importance of an advertising agency 

5.Traditional marketing

6.Digital Marketing


Types of advertising agencies

1.Full-Service Ad Agency-A full-service ad agency offers a comprehensive pack of both traditional and digital marketing aspects of a business. It consists of a team of experts and provides a wide set of services. They are basically a one-stop-shop of services, namely, ad campaigns, strategic planning, TV ads, Social Media Management, Content creation, Web development, Radio Commercials, SEO, Graphic Design.
When to use it: This type is appropriate if your business needs full-fledged marketing. They will use a TV ad as well as a social media campaign.

2.Traditional Ad Agency: This works with the traditional forms of media, such as newspapers, television commercials, radio, and print.
When to use it: This is best suited when you want to reach a local audience. A direct mail campaign for an opening of a museum or a billboard promoting local restaurants can be an effective use of traditional forms of media.

3. Digital Ad Agency: They mainly covers all things online. They give importance to the digital sphere: Search engine optimization(SEO), Social media Marketing, Website Design and Development, Lead Generation, Email marketing, Account-based marketing.
When to use it: Digital ad agencies are fit best for that target a particular audience because digital marketing platforms allow for advanced targeting capabilities and wide reach.

4. Social Media Ad Agency: Social media da agency focuses on just one thing: social media. They are a group of content creators and optimizers that will max our social reach. They may focus on many social channels or be experts in a single channel, such as Linkedin.

When to use it: These are fit for companies that have a single goal to accomplish through social media platforms. These marketing agencies usually have a creative team, a content team, and might have photographers and videographers.


5. Public Relations Ad Agency: These Ad agencies help you to improve the public image of a company and its employees. These are often used for enterprise-level companies and CEOs, focusing on getting the company or CEO to get featured in the news, industry websites, and in the public.

When to use it: This is best suitable for the companies looking to improve their public.


6. Branding Ad Agency: Branding Ad agency focuses on, you guessed it, branding. They help to create a perfect brand image that includes logo design, brand name development, creative identities, and signage.

When to use it: This is best suited when you want your company to be redesigned or have to analyze how it’s perceived in the market.

7. Creative Ad Agency: They deals with the design and graphics part of a brand, but outsources the strategy and execution to other marketing partners. They excel in logo designs, letterheads, billboards, etc.

When to use it: These are suited for companies to create a cohesive look and feel of their brand.


8. Media Buying Ad Agency: These agencies assist in media planning and buying. They identify a time frame, budget, and establish markets for reaching the target audience.

When to use it: These are best suitable for organizations looking to only use a single channel. Usually, they have an inbuilt creative team else they may outsource.

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The benefit of an advertising agency

In a tight economy like ours, in order to stand up with the competition, you need to have an effective advertising strategy. In order to differentiate your product from the other existing products in the market, you should possess something that stands out. One way to accomplish this is to use advertisements. Advertising Agencies assist a company to tailor the best suitable ad strategy that will help them to achieve their organizational goals. Few of the benefits that come along are:

1.Developing Campaigns-Advertising Agencies along with the organization helps to create an advertising campaign that is best              suitable for the organization. This involves choosing the media, time and duration, and creating ads.

2.Creative Expertise-Though business owners have the knowledge of how to run the business, they may have a little knowledge of        how to attract the audience with effective advertisements. Advertising Agency, on the other hand, is staffed with such people            whose sole job is to come up with innovative ideas. Thus with the help of an advertising agency, a business can fulfill this space.

3.Market Research-Business owners may not be strong in the area of market research. The advertising agency can help with this          area of research on studying the market, analyzing the characteristics of the audience, learning customer preferences, etc. Thus ad agencies will help in choosing the best suitable ad campaign and the audience to be aimed for.

4.Save time and money-In their busy schedule its not always necessary the business owners may have time to choose and work for an advertisement. If they are not sure about what they are doing, they may end up wasting lots of money and time. Thus ad agencies can always assist in this area. I agree, it costs to hire an agency, but it’s better not to waste time and money by taking a chance.

5. Branding-Inorder to distinguish your product from others, you should have your brand image so strong. Ad agencies help in             creating logos, and other design features. It also helps in rebuilding your brand and helps in better recognition of the same.


Importance of an advertising agency 


An advertising agency is made to render ad campaigns that are attractive, cohesive, and well-thought-of and help you to reach your customers. They are like tailors, who put up different elements and hand it to their clients. Here are some of the goals of advertising agencies:

  Creates an advertisement best suited.
      Do market research
      Product promotion through social media.


Some of the main important aspects of an advertising agency for business growth are:

1.Fresh and unique perspective: Knowing your company inside out is a fabulous thing, but this is not enough in attracting your customers. You may miss out on certain perspectives when you are inside the company. Through an advertising agency, you get an outer perspective that gives a view to reality and will give us different solutions to consider the best for your business growth.

2.Creative Touch- In order to get differentiate from your competitors you need to have something special than them. Giving an innovative or creative touch to your brand will help in the growth of your business.

3.A new set of connection-Working with an advertising agency will help you to understand the different advertising strategies used by other companies. This will in turn increase your set of connections in the industry.


However, advertising agencies exist for a reason. They are a team of power-packed members who could think in different aspects and perspectives who know what they are doing. Trusting them with their abilities will nurture your business and of course, you can concentrate on your core competences.

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Traditional marketing

Ever heard of Super Bowl ads? Super Bowl advertising is the commercial advertising content within and around the Super Bowl, which is the annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL).2012 SuperBowl broke the record of viewership with 111.3 million viewers-the largest audience in Unites States television history. But according to a recent Neilsen survey, more people watched the Super Bowl for the ad than for the game itself.

TV spots are one of the effective traditional marketing strategies that include several time-tested techniques. Some traditional marketing strategies are nearly as old as civilization itself and they are still effective today.

Talking about the Traditional Marketing techniques they are a broad category that incorporates many forms of advertising strategies. These are the most recognizable types of marketing that incorporate, the ads we see and hear daily. Most traditional marketing strategies fall under one of four categories: print, broadcast, direct mail, and telephone.

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a comprehensive term that consists of digital channels, such as content marketing, SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, and so on. An average user is exposed to thousands of ads daily via television, computer, smartphone etc. This constant exposure will lead to information overload, that may complicate the buyer’s journey. Digital marketing has helped the brands to stay top in priority by making themselves visible through different channels and touchpoints.
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