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Creative Monkeys - Advertising Agency in Kerala, Calicut, Kochi 

Creative Monkeys is one of the leading Advertising Agency Calicut, Kochi, Kerala. We're unique and highly cost effective.
We Offer a Wide Range of Services like Advertising, Events, Creative Designs, Video Production,
Package Designs, Branding, Digital Marketing, Commercial ad, etc
. We aim to surprise, satisfy and delight our clients with
unexpected ideas, unique strategies, and effective solutions.We are one of the best Advertising Agencies in Kerala, Kochi & Calicut.
This is what we live for, this is our philosophy. This is #createstories. We believe communication is easy when it is done through
storytelling. We as a bunch of storytellers believe the philosophy of making stories and create impressions to our clients.
We are based in Calicut, Kochi, Kerala, the land known for history and stories, now what else can we ask for?
We will be your partner in creating impressions to your audience. Sit back and relax. Our hands are on it!
About Us

What We do

Brand Consulting

Why you waste time in research and other marketing analysis when we offer you brand consultancy? We offer general and in-depth marketing expertise, brand analysis, and solutions to the companies to help you successfully sell your products attaining the business goals and objectives. We follow and influence all the aspects of marketing and branding right from the PR strategies, pricing of the products, overseeing the marketing budgets, and all the related branding and marketing strategies.

Digital Marketing

With how accessible the internet is today, would you believe me if we tell you the number of ads a single person come across daily?? In order to keep your business top in the list, get into Digital Marketing. We offer you an evaluation of website traffic, determine the best online platforms to invest in, and the community maintains the balance between your marketing activities and the results they provide. We assure you more leads converting to customers. That means long-term sales growth.

Creative Designs

Creativity is our middle name; we always wish it was our first. We believe creativity leads to creating an impression in people and influence their preferences. Our team knows that good designs bring joy to people. We often think even the rainbows could have been done better!

Video Production

Our stories come into life through perfectly weaved storyboards and other visual elements. Our team believes it’s easy to make people remember your product through a perfectly made story. Hence with the equipped and advanced techniques, we make you perfect stories.

Media Buying

Concentrate on your core competences..sit back and relax. Our hands are on it. We offer you assistance in choosing the right media that abide by your marketing objectives. We believe identifying the right audience is the primary step in media buying and later decide how to reach them. Our research team does proper research on competitors and other related factors. We also design the media buying strategy and then choose media outlets and negotiate the price. We ensure the budget is adequate and then plan the campaign execution.

Brand Activation

Is your brand a cold lifeless lump of coal in the dark? Does your audience tend to forget you? We have the solution for you! Brand Activation is much more simple when its explained than just a technical managerial buzzword. We have our own innovative ways to make your brand known to people, increase the awareness and engagement through various kinds of brand experiences. We make sure your brand moves from one state to another... A better state!


Original Monkeys


We in Nayanam Opticals have been associated with Creative Monkeys for eyewear store related advertising solutions. I can say that you will never regret associating with them. They have got wonderful talents that they can create wonderful flyers and advertisement from nowhere. I can definitely recommend Creative Monkeys for any advertisement solutions.
Jose Mathew
Creative Monkeys is a discovery that was just waiting to happen. I come from the Delhi advertising circuit and have been in the industry since 2005, having worked with the best names in the country. The amount of talent, dedication & hunger for good work that I've seen in this agency, it's hard to find even in the main leagues.
I've built brand Meitra Hospital from scratch, and as the Lead, Brand Strategy for the hospital, Creative Monkeys has done an amazing job. Meitra Hospital, as per latest social media statistics is the buzziest hospital brand in the state in just 10 months! Not just that, as per Industry stalwarts, Meitra is arguably one of the most recognizable brands when it comes to Brand Communications in the hospital brand category. Not only in Kerala, but across the country.
Kudos to the duo, Sijo-Priyanka & their lovely team of monkeys. Well done. Keep up the good work. You guys will definitely go a long long way. Cheers!
Omair Siddiqui
"Excellent customer service maintaining high professionalism. Their team responds in a timely manner,never had to wait for a reply for emails or messages.They have excellent themes and more over their willingness to go to any extend to serve their clients is remarkable. highly recommend creative monkeys,you will never be disappointed."
Shalima Sheroz
Very professional approach till now.
Recieved good service from them for online marketing services for my clinic Cutopia Skin & Wellness Clinic and DrHair, Hair Restoration Clinic. @ cutopiaindia.com .
Expecting better services and looking forward for a long term association from them.
DR.Aneesh KP
Obviously it's natural to be skeptical about any advertising agency when they approach you. We in Sankar's ENT centre have been associating with Creative Monkeys since their inception. I can say that you will never regret associating with them. They have got wonderful talents that they can create wonderful flyers and advertisement from nowhere. I can definitely recommend Creative Monkeys for any advertisement solutions.
Dr. Sankar Mahadevan

“They were willing to help every way, designing a professional and beautiful brochures and ads which showcases our products very well. I was impressed all around with their skills, services and attention to detail every step of the day. The finished products are far superior than I imagined.”  

Jabir V.P

“When we approached creative monkeys to prepare Rotary calicut central's annual report,containing lots of events and photos, that too in a very short notice, that's when creative monkeys created magic!! When they handed me the completed job the second day, a perfect one in proper sequence , we were overjoyed!! Thanks a million, dear creative monkeys, God bless you. Wishing you all success in your world of colours and dreams!!”

Hashim kallangodan
Since we began working with Creative Monkeys, They have continued to provide our Business with an outstanding quality of design work and always exceeded our expectations. The team have never let us down on any creative brief we have given them, Every piece of artistic is top of the line and meticulously thought out in order to appeal to our target . I would recommend Creative Monkeys to anyone I know.
Abdulla Moh’d Ali

Happy Clients

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