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Video production companies are those companies that produce video content. Video production is basically the entire process of making a video. Be it a film, television commercial, music video the process of making it all is the same but the process with its specifications may differ. There is n number of video production companies in Kerala that can offer a wide variety of offers to you. Creative Monkeys is Calicut based advertising agency that specialises also in video production. We offer an in-house team of talents who could manage the entire process from the concept of creation.

Video production companies are the creative team that specializes in creating human-related, impression creating content. Usually, such video production agencies provide services like explainer videos, TV commercials, music video production, line production, etc.

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1.Video Production Company

2.What are the 3 stages of video production?

3.How do I plan a video production?

4.Elements of Video Production

5.What do video production companies do?

6.Why choose video production?

7.Why choose Creative Monkeys?


What are the 3 stages of video production?

Video production as a process involves three stages, right from the idea being pops into your mind to the time when people actually see it. The basic process can be broken down into three stages, namely:






Pre-Production – plan, plan, plan!

This is the planning stage. There’s no actual work or recording that is held but just the preparation. Pre-production is when you bring together ideas into a cohesive plan. Video production companies begin this process with proper planning-the more time you spend on planning, the more smoothly the whole process goes. During the process, production companies will begin to make plans on how they put together a video. They begin with developing a script where someone in the production team writes down the events that will happen in the video. This involves putting together the list of shots that are required to create a storyboard. The most common procedures included in the process are, setting a production schedule, creating graphic concepts, decide locations, preparing the budget, and getting ready for the post-production.



This is the stage where the video is actually made! During this time, the shots scripted earlier will be officially shot in real-time. The process begins with the camera crew will begin to film the scenes. In the production process, they also focus on the lighting, angles, and location to make the video appealing as possible.



This is the final stage after the production of a video or film has been completed. It’s the time when the video production team goes deep into the recorded video and audio footage and merge it accordingly. The team also adds sound effects, visual effects, color correction, audio sweetening, and sound design. Usually, most of the video production companies use video editing software.

However, producing good quality work required the assistance of a professional team, with accurate pre-production strategies, and project management skills. As a result, every production company combines these efforts and tries to give your brand a remarkable impression.


How do I plan a video production?

Getting into video production can be pretty intense. There are things that can make you overwhelmed during the process. When you are getting into video production for your product marketing, make sure you are using the right tools to create great content. Oops did I tell you, getting your content in front of the right people can do a lot to your brand?

Here’s a guide for you can refer to for your video production process. Here is the step by step process you can follow for your video production process.


1.Determine your objectives

First things first. Before everything determines your goals first. Define what you look for. Just like everything, you can’t reach your aim without defined objectives. You can use videos either for brand awareness, or to encourage your employees to adapt to new strategies, etc. Define your objectives with the help of SMART objectives. Sounds smart??

That means making sure your objectives are:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound


Here’s the tip for you if you don’t know what should be the content for your brand, then think of the problems or issues that could be solved with the video.


2.Research your audience

For the success of any video content, you should learn about your target audience. The content of the video should be appealing and convincing to your customers. Unless you don’t have a clear understanding of the audience, you can’t create impressions on your audience.

Try getting insights into your customers: know what are their issues, under what are they looking for? Conduct research, ask questions, talk to your customers directly are all good ways to learn about your customers.


  1. Decide on your core message.

Now that you know about your customer, keeping your goals in mind, decide what content should reach your audience. Always keep in mind the following three aspects:

  • What should your customer do immediately after they watch the video?
  • What do they think immediately?
  • What should they feel?

4.Build a Video Strategy

This is the phase where you create a solid strategy for your video. Decide how you will produce it-inhouse or outsource? how will you target your audience and which medium is the best available? what’s your budget and timeline?

Once you have got your answer, you can now proceed with the further procedure.


  1. Write a Video Production Brief

Before you commence with the pre-production phase, write clearly what are the things to do. Shall I keep it simple? Make a to-do list. This will serve you as a guide in further proceedings.

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Elements of Video Production

Now that you know the importance of video production, its essential to know how you can make your video remarkable and attain the objectives. Regardless of the industry, video production may have two or more characteristics in common. With that in mind, here are a few characteristics of any great video content.

  1. Engaging a few shots don’t interest your customer. Make it interesting, so that your audience will remain from the beginning to the end.
  2. Entertaining-Do you know that people love to be entertained? Make this in maximum use and try creating great stories that entertain your audience.
  3. Visually Appealing-With the technological advancements and availability of the internet, every common man can be a producer. Thus try making innovations in your video, say, timelapse, stop motion, animation, etc.
  4. Educational-If your video could give them learning insights, then you create goodwill and trustworthiness in the minds of your audience. Educational video content comes in various forms, “how to do videos”, “interviews”, “case studies”, “webinars” etc.


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What do video production companies do?

Video production companies usually try to make content that stands out and reaches the right audience. There should be a proper mix of innovation and creativity along with the backup of the clients to make remarkable video content. It all starts with a great idea. When the clients come up with their needs, video production agencies assist them in making proper innovative content. Video production companies all over India provide various streams of choices from film production, music video production, TVC videos, product videos.



Why choose video production?

Now let me explain why there’s a need to choose video production as a tool for marketing. Corporate video production can easily tell your audience your brand’s story. They give emphasis to your brands highlights and audience can easily notice it. These videos are very essential in creating awareness of your brand to your audience. These videos can easily create impressions on your stakeholders be it your customer, employee, or outsiders. Such great video content can influence the views of your customer.


Why choose Creative Monkeys?

We are one of the best advertising agency in Calicut, Kerala. We have marked our own signatures among the leading advertising agencies in Kerala. Creative Monkey is a small start-up combined with the efficiency of an experienced one with a highly talented team inhouse. We do everything from scripting to the pre-production works. We believe great stories can always turn the audience into our customers.

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