Happy Vishu - Vishu 2019

On the auspicious day of Vishu People clad themselves in new clothes and prepare delicious “Sadya” to celebrate the joy of the day. Firecrackers add charm to the celebrations of the day. There are many festivities and ceremonies associated with Vishu celebrated across the state.

Vishukani is very important for Vishu. The custom leans back to the belief that good things are seen on the New Year day bring prosperity throughout the year. The Vishukani, consisting of rice grains, fruits, Konna flowers, gold and new coins- all signifying prosperity- will be arranged by the eldest female member of the family on the day prior to the Vishu day. Placed in a sparkling bell metal pan in front of the image of Lord Krishna, the set gets complete with a lighted Nilavilakku (wick lamp). The yellowish, golden colored Konna flower (Laburnum flower) enhances the beauty of other materials kept as part of the Vishukani.

Vishu also marks the beginning of agriculture calendar in Kerala and the land would witness the beginning of many agricultural activities. Cultivation of new crops commences on this day and the activities would last up to the Pathamudayam day or the tenth day from the Vishu day. Vishu also has astrological relevance.

We Creative Monkeys wishing you a great beginning, an auspicious day. May this Vishu bring happiness your way, have a great Vishu.