Digital Marketing in Kerala

What is digital marketing?

Nowadays an advertising campaign is incomplete without a good digital marketing strategy.
It matters because consumers are hopelessly hooked on the possibilities and information
provided by the internet, mobile devices, social networks and e-commerce.
Digital marketing is the new form of communication between companies and consumers.
It allows service providers or sellers to reach their ideal clients more specifically.
In a nutshell, digital advertising is a communication technique that uses a series of digital tools to promote a product or services.

Table of Contents

1. What is digital marketing?2. Advantages of Digital marketing over conventional marketing methods.3.Digital marketing in Kerala.

It has many advantages that have led to its widespread popularity and usage.
It has overtook conventional marketing methods in many industries.
Brands and companies that do not adapt to this paradigm shift are falling behind losing incredible sales potential.
From big multinational companies to local sellers everyone is making use of digital marketing.
Infact, big companies have separate divisions to handle digital marketing.
Digital marketing can be done in many ways. With time these options are increasing with the
introduction of new applications and social networks. The latest example is tiktok, which has
made a large database of users. Social networks like Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc are
very popular for digital marketing. Among these, facebook is the biggest owing to its huge
user database. Instagram is considered as the fastest growing one. Then there is youtube,
email, search engines, mobile applications and many more.

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Advantages of Digital marketing over conventional marketing methods.

1. Digital Marketing is the most effective form of marketing.

Digital marketing has the power to change the way you reach your customers. Using well
planned strategies and effective implementation of these strategies you can see results in just a few months.

2. Most cost effective way to promote your business. 

The biggest problem with conventional advertising methods is that it is very costly. This means
small companies, startups, local businessmen, etc were not able to afford these campaigns.
Digital marketing is very cost effective when compared to this. The only cost for digital
marketing is time. SEO strategies, social network reach and acceptance of your content take
time to show the results.

3. It provides accurate data on the reach of the campaign.

Digital marketing analysis eliminates assumptions by determining if your sales strategy really
works. It is possible to track individual consumers over time. Through these measurement tools,
you can test the effectiveness of your campaign by launching two different advertising
campaigns if you want. By measuring your digital marketing campaigns, you can see which
tactics work and which do not. And then, adjust your campaigns accordingly. Multiple digital
platforms can be integrated together along with current response rates. The results of the
campaign can be seen instantly. The time frame is very real.

4. Focusing on your target customers.

One of the main advantages that digital marketing offers to companies is the ability to
specifically target their consumers. The preference of social media users is understood with the
help of artificial intelligence and other tools. Only those users who are interested in the kind of
products you sell will see your ads.
This will definitely increase the possibility of the user buying your product.
At the same time, the ads will not become a nuisance for other people who are not
interested in your products, unlike conventional marketing methods.
It is also responsible for studying and translating the influence that social media has on a product.

5. Nowadays most people search for a product online.

In today’s time, the journey of a customer starts online. If someone has to buy something or
need some services the first place they will check is the internet.
So you have to be there where the customers are, to grab their attention.

6. Social Networks lets you keep an eye on your customers and digital marketing helps you
    reach them.

Most people spend a large amount of their time on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter,
Instagram etc. Digital marketing helps you reach these customers. You can publish and
promote your content on social media and reach customers through advertising.

7. SEO and above all local SEO will help you reach qualified customers online.

By optimizing your site for search engines, you can reach more customers. The use of
keywords describing your product or service can help you gain more traffic to your site. If you
are only planning for local visibility then you can plan your keywords according to that.

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”Digital marketing in Kerala”

The Internet is rapidly growing in India. It is already one of the largest consumers of internet
services in the world. The large population and cheap internet price will soon make India the
largest consumer of the internet in the world.
Along with the growth of the internet, the reach of digital marketing will also expand.
Among all the Indian states, Kerala has the highest internet penetration with 34.71%.
It also has the highest mobile phone penetration in the country.
Approximately 95 person among every 100 individual has a mobile phone, which is a staggering number.
And the interesting thing is that these statistics are increasing at a rapid pace.
All these data indicate that the internet has become a necessity for the common people of Kerala.
This means digital marketing in Kerala has a huge scope.
It has already started to overtake conventional marketing methods.
The government of Kerala is very supportive of ventures like these which makes it further easier
for the service provider and the consumers. Schemes like digital Kerala has enabled the
penetration of the internet to remote areas in the state.
Digital education is made compulsory in the state school syllabus.
Literacy and government policies have hugely influenced this growth.
In 2016, the president of India has declared Kerala as the first digital state in the country. This
itself is the biggest validation of the growth of internet in Kerala. Kerala was the first state to
connect its village with internet connectivity under the National Optical Fibre Network (NOFN)
Along with the staggering growth of the internet, every service and opportunity involved with
the internet also found similar growth in Kerala, like digital marketing.
If we trace back the first digital marketing agency in Kerala it will be hard to find.
Most of the digital marketing agencies in Kerala were providing conventional marketing services earlier.
As the growth and reach of digital marketing overtook
other marketing methods they all switched to digital marketing services.
There are people in Kerala who have started doing these kinds of services even
before terms like SEO marketing and digital marketing were used.
We have mentioned above the advantages of digital marketing.
Digital marketing in Kerala also has these advantages and many more.
There are many digital marketing agencies in Kerala.
The competition in the market is very high.
This is a good thing for the customer as they have a lot of options to choose from.
Even if your budget is very low you can find agencies which will be suitable for your budget.
But make sure the agency is trustworthy. Digital marketing of a certain
product or service requires a team to regularly monitor the campaign.
Make sure the agency has well trained professionals who can get you results.
Many business sectors in Kerala are already making use of digital marketing successfully.
Making use of local SEO services they have increased their sales. The best example is the
hotels and restaurants. Also tuition classes, coaching centers etc. They only need to advertise
their product in the area nearer to them and local SEO makes it happen. There are also
products which are marketed across Kerala like films, packaged foods, online shopping etc.
This range of digital marketing is very useful in a complex market like Kerala
‘Digital marketing agencies in Kerala” is mainly concentrated in its three main cities Kochi, Calicut and Trivandrum.
Kochi is far ahead of the other two in terms of number of agencies. While in
Calicut you can find more trustworthy and hardworking agencies.
Also, they have much lesser rates when compared to the other two places.